Report: 600 Thousand Jordanians Do Not Have Health Insurance

تم نشره في Mon 18 July / Jul 2016. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— Three months ago, 600 thousand uninsured Jordanians applied for the public insurance programme by the Ministry of Health, to be integrated in the social health security network of about 286 thousand registered beneficiaries. However, only 14 thousand of the 600 thousand applicants are to be registered, due to the sector’s inability to cover the uninsured segment, according to an informed source with the Ministry.

Apparently, the government started the social health security programme with insuring 300 thousand Jordanians in 2008, to be expanded to it to 750 thousand by 2011. But, due to lack of financial resources, the coverage expansion was put off until 2014.

When the first wave of beneficiaries renewed in 2014, according to the source, it turned out the database of insured citizens from the year 2008 was short 14 thousand to the initial 300 thousand registrations, therefore, an additional 14 thousand will be issues insurance, out of the 600 thousand who applied recently, in March/April, 2016, mainly directed towards impoverished families with monthly incomes below JOD300, up from the previous ceiling of JOD200, noting that almost 60 per cent of the last wave of applicants to not meet this particular criterion.

The 2016-2020 study by the Higher Council for Health indicate expenditure on health per capita in Jordan has dropped from JOD260.6 in 2012 to JOD231.8 in 2013, as total expenditure on health has decreased from JOD1.665 billion, 2012, to JOD1.181 billion, 2013, comprising 7.89 per cent of total public expenditure for the year 2013, down from 9.52 per cent in 2012.

The section of public insurance beneficiaries span across military, civil, and third party insurers. 41.25 per cent and 27.15 per cent receive insurance from public military and civil service providers, respectively.