Man Tries to Put Out the Olympic Torch with Fire Extinguisher

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The Olympic torch has not had an easy run this time around in Brazil as it travels through the streets in preparation of the upcoming games in Rio this August.

It came under attack for the second time in the South American country on Thursday as it passed through the city of Joinville in the southern region of the country. A man wielding a fire extinguisher broke through the crowd (and most of security) as he attempted to put out the flame.

The man was unsuccessful, and security quickly took him down. The torch was passed to the next runner a few feet down the road.

This is the second time an individual has tried to extinguish the Olympic flame. On June 27, a man allegedly attempted to throw a bucket of water on the torch as it passed through his hometown of Maracaju, Brazil.

The host city and country have faced many problems in the lead-up to the games, including lack of funds for police, washed-up body parts near competition grounds, displaced civilians and more. This image certainly doesn’t help.