How to Become a Terrorist in Days!

By: Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Mon 18 July / Jul 2016. 08:26 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

The way the Nice attack was conducted in France, running through citizens in a big lorry, injuring and killing so many people, marks a shift in the pattern and methods of ISIS operations, as well as the profile of proponents around the world.

The more important indicator lies in the major disparity evident in this operation, the assailant’s background and profile; Mohammad Bouhlal, who was host dead by the French police on site, according to his personal record, has no priors in Islamic extremism; neither in France, in spite thousands arrested the eve of the Euro final, nor in Tunisia, where he was born and had lived his earlier years.

On the contrary; Bouhlal has a completely different kind of record; more drugs and misdemeanours, than anything else, added separation from wife and kids. Now, this particular background is not distinctly out of context, in terms of recruitment and transformations by salafi jihadi movements, or ISIS for that matter, recently. The perpetrators of the attack in Saudi, as well as the Paris bombings in November last year were similarly involved in drugs and drug related priors. Even Ali Soufan, prominent FBI investigator and author of “The Black Banners” on the innerworking of the September 11 cell, had described similar commonalities in the priors and backgrounds of members of the twin-tower attack, including drugs, alcohol abuse, as well as some of them being openly liberal about sex and dancing.

So, what in particular is new?

Something ground-breaking is comprised in the swiftness in transformation, or in Bouhlal’s situation; radicalisation, up to the point of conducting a terrorist act so imminently. This was described by French interior minister as rapid radicalisation, “apparently”, to the point that no one around him had noticed over, the few weeks, any change in his behaviour. Relatives of his continually persisted that he consumed alcohol and port, while his family had stated he suffered a nervous breakdown and had seen a psychiatrist before.

All this indicate we stand before a varying situation in regards to the rapidity of radicalisation. This makes way for the rise of a valid, logical question, on ISIS’ criteria, on which they had approached this man with drug priors, no history in salafi jihadi affiliation, in a somewhat similar situation to that of the guy who exacted the Orlando attack in the US, a short while ago!

The answer to what is really so new and distinct lies in the fundamental difference in the recruitment method between the two salafi jihadi modules; ISIS and Qaeda, and the sophistication in the prior’s.

Qaeda, an elitist organisation in nature, adopts targets carefully, with select religious and behavioural standards, and adopts operations per specific criteria just as well. What ISIS has done, over the last few years only, transcend the salafi jihadi line of thought from an the elitist puddle to the popular sphere, opening the doors to everyone to contribute through the lone wolves phenom, by conducting operations under the ideological trademark of IS militants!

This particular turning point is monumental, as it allows for any frustrated, sick, ill, or angry individual the chance to exact a catastrophic act under the veil of it being a sacred religious act, against an unprecedentedly vast spectrum of targets, starting off with non-Muslim civilians, all the way through defectors and ISIS-opponents, including Nusra and other Islamic factions, all the way to any target would do. This means that most of the world today is on the crosshairs of ISIS “transformees” and lone wolves!