“Studies Centre” Calls for Comprehensive Strategies to Counter Terrorism and Extremism

تم نشره في Sat 23 July / Jul 2016. 11:00 PM
  • Security Forces Survailing Enterance to Northern Neighbourhood in Irbid - (Photography: Mohammad Abu Ghoush - Al Ghad)

AMMAN —Al Ghad—  A paper published by the Strategic Studies Centre at the University of Jordan (JU) recently, prepared by former Minister of Interior and Public Security Director Hussein Majali, and strategic researcher Dr Mohammad Aburumman, calls upon respective parties around the world to construct a comprehensive approach in dealing with the threats as well as issues of extremism and terrorism, while maintaining a distinction between the methods by which ISIS operates overseas, and that of ISIS proponents and affiliates domestically, as well as to outline the difference between methods of countering extremism and strategies to face terrorism, to cut the path of transformation, from extremist to terrorist, for all susceptible individuals.

The paper reviews recent ISIS operations, thoroughly, in Jordan, the region, as well as abroad, including analysis of the Irbid operation, the intelligence office attack in Baqaa, in addition to the border point in Rukban. Moreover, the paper also evaluate ISIS threats to Jordan, added shifts in the organisation’s operational patterns, anticipating an intensification on the Jordanian front.

Moreover, on the domestic front the paper underlines the importance of outlining the difference between the degrees of conviction among ISIS proponents and sympathetics, warning that failing to do will deliver many unaffected to the clutches of the Organisation’s appeal. More so, the paper also highlights the importance of constructing Turning Points along the process of legal procedure, allowing proponents and affiliates to turn away while they can, through the Prison Debate programme, stressing it is weak and requires more specialised intervention and wider integration with respective specialised parties.