A Summit of Employees!

By: Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sun 24 July / Jul 2016. 08:21 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

On the farther end of the Arab World, by the shores of the Atlantic, the Arab Summit consolidates in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania, today.

The office of the Secretary General has been inferring the convention of this summit for months now, hoping an Arab capital would host it, after Morocco’s notable apology for the unwillingness to host such a heavy guest.

For Mauritania, which has been shunned out of the spotlights for decades, hosting the Arab summit comprises an unprecedented even, shining some light on the long forgotten and side-lined Arab brethren there with the presence and coverage of media.

The country itself, Mauritania, is poor and has limited resources. The summit there, considered a festive event, requires a preface of logistical preparations, construction workshops, and fancy hotels that do not exist there. So, other richer Arab countries stampeded to help the poorer Mauritanian brethren conclude the infrastructural premises required to pillar the success of the summit, as an even, of course. Reality check; many previous summits had failed to score any significant breakthroughs otherwise, with or without the infrastructures. But, as you know, a successful, fruitful summit cannot be held without fancy accommodations and conference palaces, paved with red carpets all the way through from the airport! Huge airports and extravagant feasts, as well, are a must.

However, with pure Arab support, Mauritania has finally been readied out to provide the minimum basis for “success”. Therefore, many eyes now turn to the now coined “Summit of Hope”, in Nouakchott!

Most Arab leaders will not attend this Summit of Hope, for different reasons; maybe paramount of these is the absence of leaderships in their states in the very first place, or the inability of some of them to move for staggering health and medical reasons. Expectations indicate that representation will drop to “employee” level by day 2 of the Summit, as leaders sneak out of the conference, and out of a city with much security issues, and such travel difficulties.

As for the Summit’s agenda, there are pathetic disparities entailed; all the crises are on the timetable, from Palestine through Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, all the way to terrorism and the Iranian question. Topics and issues global powers and even the UN had failed to solve, including all the other Arab summits, are now decisively placed on the table to be negotiated in Nouakchott! Now; imagine the outcomes of this employee-level Arab Summit!

But our brethren in Mauritania, in spite of being so dispatched from the broken Arab East, know the truth that all the world’s summits will not fix the faults of the Arab people. And just as it went with other summits before the Nouakchott summit, Arabs will leave the summit with even deeper disparities and worse problems.

The only promise out of this “Summit of Hope” is the economic, investment, and touristic outcome for Mauritania, a country full of unexploited opportunities. Perhaps now, the richer Arab folk, may pay some attention to Mauritania and put on their map of global investment, and invest some of their wasted money.

Mauritanian media says that the Summit to convene in their country has stirred still sectors and moved the domestic market. This is the most within the Summit’s capacity, with the luxury of discussing environmental and climate change on its schedule!