A Matter of Perspective

By: Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Mon 25 July / Jul 2016. 08:03 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

Murder, is an unforgiveable crime. Annihilating a whole people, however, is a matter of perspective!

The slaughter of the Syrian boy, by militants in the Noureddin Zinki faction in Syria is indeed hurtful, heinous, and criminal; there is no justification for such an act. None in the Faction’s statements, describing it as an individual act for which perpetrators will be held responsible, nor in the presentation of an unconvincingly manipulated identity card to “prove” the boy was recruited by the Syrian regime, and that he is over 18 years old. In the end, what happened is a crime that reflected badly on the Syrian revolution and its values. It flinched everybody with the idea that the Syrian people are escaping one hell only to fall into the clutches of another, even worse, kind of hell!

The opposition scene is not free of flaws, or sins, for that matter; comprised of hundreds of factions and thousands of fighters, inclusive of all kinds of people, the good, the bad, and everything in between. These factions clashed among themselves, violently too, in many areas. It is difficult to claim this is purely a revolutionary discourse!

Militarisation, from the very beginning, was not a good choice. But in the reality of things there, it was not a choice, but a necessity. It was induced outside the frame of the revolution, by splinter groups, formerly Syrian military, who established the “Free Syrian Army (FSA)”, before the regime expanded its military and security operation to annihilate the vast area of pacifist opposition in the process, pushing masses towards armed confrontation.

It is vital that we re-invoke previously dominant givens in light of the slaughter of this child; which is, by the way, not the first time the Opposition there conducts inhumane and illegal crimes. International reports have recurrently criticised the Syrian opposition for conducting such deeds of criminal nature towards people and opponents, including methods of torture, murder, and revenge!

Indeed, this is an alarming scene, and quite a criminal behaviour, again, by these factions. But if all that is taken out of the contexts of the regime’s discourses there, and its responsibility for inducing these inhumane conditions, as well as extreme groups, we would be dismissing the roots of the problem, as well as the solutions.

It would be shameful should the international community, and some of their humanitarian currents, selectively, for political and ideological purposes and agendas, stand at the incident of this young victim’s slaughter, while having been completely silent as the whole people were being slaughtered, and still, in a historic annihilation of the people, with the whole world conspiring in silent shame over the sieging, hunger, and slaughtering in Aleppo, Ghouta, and other areas.

Just days ago, on the basis of American-Russian agreements —is this not imperialism comrades?!— where the Syrians have worked to involve themselves as partner and peer, not adversary —and where’s the conspiracy in that?! the regime led dozens of raids, dropping explosive barrels, sinking whole neighbourhoods in Aleppo in blood, bombs, and explosives, targeting hospitals, schools, blood banks, and civilians before militants, cause the death of dozens of slaughtered children —or are those not so— in bombings that do not vary much from Russia’s aerial operations over Idlib and Deir el Zour. Where’s their humanity there?!

Just a quick reminded, 470 thousand people have been killed in Syria, so far, next to tens of thousands missing, mostly in regime prisons, and over 1.5 million wounded, aside the 11 million Syrians between displaced and immigrants. Do those not deserve some of the sympathy and tears the slaughtering of this child got?

Yet another angle of the political schizophrenia in the stance of those proponent of the Syrian regime and their crimes exacted unto the last Syrian citizen against an undemocratic regime resembling a disgusting module of disfigured secularism and civil values. As those cry for democracy and human rights, they need not be reminded that these values are indivisible, except among those who manipulate and forge these values not batting an eye over it!