The Brotherhood’s Candidates List

By: Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Tue 26 July / Jul 2016. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Tue 26 July / Jul 2016. 07:54 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

The list published via the “Bousala” (Compass in Arabic) website, closely affiliated to the Islamic Action Front, is incomplete, unofficial, and have yet to be decisively concluded. Or so confirms Murad Adayleh, prominent Islamist leader.

However, Zaki bin Irsheid, head of the higher elections commission in the Front, saw it sufficient to briefly state that while the lists are unofficial, 80 per cent of the electoral manifest as well as the agenda, have been concluded, which probably means the names listed represent at least 80 per cent of the Front’s nominee lists.

On another, perhaps even more important note, the names publicised unveil the mind-set in action, amidst the Front, preliminarily speaking, as well as unofficially, in regards to their pending parliamentary battle, even though the lists are incomplete, particularly the 3rd circuit lists. These list feature two prominent names; the first is former chairman of the lawyers’ bar, Saleh Armouti, and the second is former chairman of the Engineers association, Abdul Hadi Falahat, with eng Wael Saqqa reassigned to the 5th circuit. Notably, the situation in Irbid as well, is still brewing.

The rest, in regards to most of the other circuits, things seem to be set and in place. Obviously, Islamists are mounted to engage their upcoming elections rally with 3 main forms of alliances to facilitate electoral momentum; their own lists, joint lists with prominent national figures, and affiliate lists supported by the Front. What is also evident, is that there seems to be a focus on “quotas”, which is a smart bet that may lead to scalable achievements, given the Front’s vast populace and electorate, which in the end will also serve the interests of their partners.

So far, 81 names have been publicised, of which only around 31 are members of the Islamic Action Front, pending of course the completion of other circuit lists. On the other hand, some other prominent names have left the Front and the Brotherhood, like Dr Abdullah Akayleh, Dr Malek Amayreh, and some members from the wisemen current, like Dr Mohammad Bzour.

The lists publicised included a large number of women candidates from within the Islamic movement and without. But most of the names, however, carry PhD degrees, and most of these degrees are in Islamic Sharia. It is highly possible as well, that prominent Islamist leader, Dr Dima Tahboub, may be assigned to run for the 3rd circuit in Amman.

Moreover, the manifests include 9 former Islamist MPs, so far, next to a sum of youth leaderships, in a mix of “Soqoor” current members (which translates to “Falcons”) and moderate Islamists, as well as members of the Allies current, attributed to including religious conservatives, like former MP Tamer Bino; liberalists like for former MP for the Christian Seat in Balqaa, Raed Qaqish; and army veterans, like Mousa Hadid, with a zest of promising youth media and civil society activists, like Omar Asayrah and Sabah Abul Feilat.

This “preliminary” list only displays the Front’s thirst and drive to return to the Dome and to political life, after years of boycotting. It only confirms their ability to adapt to various electoral systems, as well as their high flexibility in attracting individuals from outside the ideological and organisational frame of the Front.

Subsequently, all that is left is for the candidacy of Ali Abul Sukkar and Zaki bin Irsheid to be announced, as to whether or not they will be able to run for the House of Representatives, given they are the most prominent Brotherhood leaders, and the architects of its political directives. In this regard, they were both locked up, which comprises a legal barrier to their candidacy, although it has been 5 years since Abul Sukkar’s imprisonment, which may allow for him to run, as it appears the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) has referred his case to be legally reviewed. As for Zaki bin Irsheid, it seems the official position on his candidacy would be revoked, which puts him before the option of going to court.

On the other hand, the Zamzam party is still undergoing establishment, and the new Muslim Brotherhood are preparing their own lists to run independently, for now.