Palestinian Youth Killed and Shot by Occupation Forces in Hebron

تم نشره في Wed 27 July / Jul 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Palestinian Youth Martyr Mohammad Faqih

HEBRON —Al Ghad— A Palestinian youth was shot dead and 5 others were injured by Israeli occupation forces in the town of Surif, North West of Hebron (Khalil), according to Palestinian media and news sources, followed by a statement made by Israeli military spokesperson Afikhai Adrei, confirming the death of the Mohammad Faqih, in the sieged town, without electricity for months now, after Israeli authorities declared it was a closed military zone.

Official Israeli press statements “explain” that several condensed joint police, military, and Israel Security Agency (Shabak) operations were conducted in the area to capture or neutralize the cell responsible for the killing of Rabi Michael Mark, earlier in July.

Finally, according to official occupation statements, the joint task force were able to locate and surround the house of acclaimed perpetrator, the murdered Palestinian youth, Faqih, with whom the force engaged with live ammunition and rockets, before the house was torn down, and Faqih killed inside.

Israeli occupation forces state Faqih was found dead, armed with a Kalashnikov and a grenade by his side, under the rubbles, and that 3 others, claimed to be involved in the Rabi murder, have been arrested, while 5 other local residents were injured when the task force on location used rubber bullets, to drive them away as hundreds of occupation military personnel marched into Surif.