Clinton Makes Edge over Trump in Bloomberg National Poll

On Terrorism and Economy, “Trump” Takes Lead

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WASHINGTON — Democrat runner for US President, Hillary Clinton, cited a 12-point edge over rival Donald Trump in the Bloomberg National Poll, which according to Bloomberg remains “unusually high for a presidential candidate amid early indications that the Orlando terrorist attack has had little direct impact on the 2016 race”.

The new Bloomberg Politics national poll, published June 13th, 2016, shows Clinton leading Trump 49 per cent to 37 per cent, among voters likely in the November election.

Bloogmber's General Matchup of the National Poll for the November 2016 US Presidency Elections - (Bloomberg)

For Trump, when those surveyed were asked which candidate they would have more confidence in, on domestic and overseas fronts, battling terrorism, the Republican Candidate edged 50 to 45 per cent over Clinton, in terms of candidates viewed stronger by likely voters in combating terrorist threats at home and abroad, the Bloomberg Polls showed.

Bloogmber's National Poll on Candidates battling terrorism for the November 2016 US Presidency Elections - (Bloomberg)

On the economy, CNN surveys indicate preliminarily that likely voters trust Trump over Hilary as well, when it comes to the US economy, according the CNN Money.

In general, several polls conducted in the US by news agencies and papers indicate Hillary Clinton has lead over Donald Trump, to varying degrees.

An NBC/Wall Street Journal poll of registered voters found Clinton with a 5-point edge over Trump, identical to the findings in an NBC/WSJ national poll conducted last month. Similar results were delivered in a CNN/ORC poll, showing the former secretary of state up two points from June, garnering 49 per cent support to Trump's 42 per cent among registered voters nationally.

Contrarily, a new Washington Post/ABC survey showed Clinton down 8 points from her lead just a month ago, with 47 per cent support among registered voters to Trump's 43 per cent support.

The Independent says, in the titles of a piece published July 23rd, that “Hillary Clinton is on track to beat Donald Trump – but it all depends on Bernie Sanders. Most polls show Clinton three or four points ahead, but the latest police killings at home, and terrorist incidents abroad can only strengthen Mr Trump’s appeal”.