Market Values Rise 3.6% and 12% for Residential Land and Commercial Buildings

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  • Residential Lands in Amman - (Al Ghad)

AMMAN —Al Ghad— The indices for land area value over the 2nd quarter of the current year, 2016, has increased 3.6 per cent for residential land values, compared to the 2nd quarter in 2015, according to data by the Jordan Central Bank (CBJ), resting at 138 points in comparison, with indices on commercial landscapes decreasing 2 per cent, to 109.3 point, as opposed to a 12 per cent increase in the value of commercial buildings.

As for the index on residential apartments’ value, these have increase to 113.1 points, by 2.5 per cent, over the 2nd quarter of 2016, comparatively, even though residence prices remain 3.5 per cent lower over the period, compared to the same period in 2015.

Relatively, 2nd quarter priority indices point, respectively, to 54.3 per cent for landscapes, 43.6 per cent on residential property, and 2.1 per cent for non-residential real estates, as opposed to indices from the benchmark year of 2012.