Jordan: 2,400 Oil Tankers Threatened by the Entry of Investments to the Sector

تم نشره في Sun 31 July / Jul 2016. 12:00 AM
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MAFRAQ —Al Ghad— The Chairman of the truckers and truck owners association, Mohammad Khair Dawood, stated to “Al Ghad” that the recent entry of capital investment companies to the sector of fuel and oil derivative transportation and logistics has put 2,400 tankers nearly fully out of business, so far, out of 17 thousand in total, providing for approximately 50 thousand families in Jordan, through sector core and related fields, from drivers, to maintenance workers, guards, administrators, all the way to mechanics and spare parts shops.

More to the wound, the sector has already incurred more than JOD200 million off the blockage on the Tarbil crossing with Iraq, and JOD590 million in total, due to the shocks endured under the weight of intensified regional circumstance and turmoil.