On “Al Ghad'”s Twelfth Year Anniversary

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Sun 31 July / Jul 2016. 09:19 PM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

August 1st is a special day “Al Ghad” employees; it marks the launch of their paper and their modern project 12 years ago, with a slogan that translated in their work, every single day, in faith reflective: “The Right to Knowledge”.

Knowledge, is a sacred right of human beings, if not the basic right of all other rights, and it accordingly drives the performance of the “Al Ghad” team in commitment to this right, out of devotion for country and countrymen, and prior to that; out of respect for the minds and awareness of all our readers, as well as in response to their desire to know the truth.

Thus, as festive as Al Ghad’s birthday is, it is also the day on which we are to reflect on what we have done and accomplished over the year, to benchmark and preface our launch for yet another year in the national, media, occupational promise we seek, to deliver light and reinforce the identity of Jordan; as the civil, pluralist, democratic, and Arab, humanist country is, for all. This is why our team follows all the affairs, domestic, regional, and foreign, in all its tiers; economic, political, and social.

And in a time when media in our region is polarised in trenches behind narrow private agendas, we at Al Ghad sought relentlessly to push on in the journey we set out for since day one; preserving professional objectivity, unpretentious of unintended err.

So, with pride for having gotten through a difficult year for our homeland and the people, with domestic and surrounding circumstances intensifying, we indeed had arrived atop the stand our homeland needs of us; we stuck to the concepts of citizenship and lawfulness of state, fending for them with all the power we have.

More so, because the right to express should be guaranteed to all, given it is an undisputable principle, unbarring of any concession or negotiation, “Al Ghad” has always, indeed, on paper as well as online, been a podium for a variety of thoughts and directions, on which rival lines of thoughts convene to communicate the multitude of local and Arab thought.

This, ever unrepressed, is a mission that is not concluded without standing to face the illnesses and issues of our society, to which Al Ghad has persistently been amass to address; all the sectarian, discriminative, and regional deformations that surface in our communities. As so, Jordan, the beautiful mosaic, is one to protect achievement and build on it, in dialogue, debate based on the right of expression, while countering social pandemics in a clear stance against it, alarming the severity of their reflections on our nation and unity. Some of the diseases that infiltrated us were bourn by minds that do not believe in freedom, seeking always to entrap everybody in their confinements

In short, Al Ghad’s message and our pluralist vision are unattainable without a reformist media content, shedding light on flaws, and providing objective professional critique of errors; official, societal, or else, all the same.

Given our deeply instilled conviction in the responsibility that is coupled with the role of the media, inclusive of criticism; aware of the ever rapidly developing state in which media and journalism particularly race, we have come to understand the fact that the real battle is also for professionalism and truth, primarily. And in this discourse, we effort every day to keep up with developments in print press as much as we give our best to build Al Ghad’s website atop the electronic spheres of news, with a decisive competitive advantage, comprised in the accuracy of our news and its reliability.

A year of perseverance has passed, producing outputs that fit Al Ghad readers, regardless of their directions and aspirations. And so, Al Ghad, as independent as it is, including our editorial and administrative teams, has proven capable of being proudly a nationally responsible newspaper.

Best wishes to Al Ghad, our readers, and employees, for the years that passed, that those to come, full of achievement and growth.

Happy 12th anniversary.