Israeli Occupation Forces Sets 40 Confiscated Donkeys on Sale

تم نشره في Wed 3 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM
  • An Israeli soldier "arresting" a donkey - (Archives)

JERUSALEM — Palestinians say the army is trying to sell back the very animals it seized from them in the occupied West Bank’s Jordan Valley. Israeli authorities’ reply is that they round up wandering livestock in the interests of public safety, especially to reduce road accidents. Contrarily, in Palestinian newspapers a notice reads “Forty donkeys for sale.”

Nothing out of the ordinary about that, except for the fact that the advertiser is the Israeli army.

Palestinians, however, see a policy of confiscations and demolitions aimed at pushing them out of the valley running along the border with Jordan.

The valley has valuable water resources and farmland and is seen by Israel as vital to its strategic defence.

The donkeys will be auctioned off if unclaimed by their owners, the Arabic-language text announced, but reclaiming their own property is costly.