Syrian Families in Zaatari Camp Receive Keys to Ready Houses

تم نشره في Thu 4 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM
  • An Aerial view of the Zaatari Camp - (Archives)

MAFRAQ — A number of Syrian families in the Zaatari refugee camp received ready-made houses (caravans) as part of the Saudi National Campaign to Aid Syrian refugees, in cooperation with the UNHCR in the camp.

The campaign, which has begun since the start of the Syrian crisis, aims to provide 4500 caravans to Syrian refugees in the camp.

Regional Director of the Saudi National Campaign to Aid Syrian refugees Badir Bin Abdul Rahman Al Samhan pointed to the fruitful cooperation with the UNHCR that had positive impact on relief and humanitarian services offered to the Syrian refugees.

Coordinator of the UNHCR in the camp Hovig Etyemezian hailed the role of Saudi Arabia in assisting Syrian refugees as well as programs and projects that help in easing the suffering of the refugees.