Strategic Wheat Stocks Cover 13 Months Consumption

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AMMAN —Al Ghad— The official spokesperson for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Supply Yanal Barmawi confirmed to “Al Ghad” that strategic wheat quantities warehoused domestically and in route are enough to cover 13 months at median consumption rates.

Current amounts domestically at hand, excluding amounts in route, have reached 547 thousand tonnes, sufficient to cover 6.7 months of consumption, with 500 thousand more tonnes on freight, for the next 6.3 months.

Monthly wheat consumption medians arrange around 80 thousand tonnes, totalling at roughly 960 thousand tonnes of wheat consumed annually.

As for barley, Barmawi stated that the current amount in store covers up to 9 months and 5 days based on averages of 55 thousand and 660 thousand tonnes consumed monthly and annually, respectively; and that quantities now stand at 520 thousand tones in store.

New tenders underway for bids on supplies of wheat and barley are set for deadlines on barley tenders to conclude Wednesday, as the window for bids on wheat opens Tuesday.