While We Have More Than Done Our Part…

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Sun 14 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

Should there really be a Syrian child in a deteriorating medical condition, requiring immediate surgical intervention, stranded at the Rukban camp by the Jordanian borders, which have been sealed since the terrorist attack took place there, reaping the lives of 7 Jordanian soldiers, then it is no less than our duty to let the child through!

Next to that being a duty, Jordan also has the chance to get a sharply toned message through to the international community, and their activists whom have been slandering Jordan for the border lockdown since the attack, even though the Kingdom has welcomed nearly 1.2 million Syrians among us; a message to all the parties engaged in the Syrian war and crisis as well. Officials need to direct a message to the world; that you should do your humanitarian and moral part towards the unravelling tragedy, and not leave Jordan alone in the winds to pay for a duty that is collectively ours, all of us!

On the honestly painful child case, frankly, there is nothing to prove all that has been being deliberated by activists on the video. And all official parties concur on there being not a single request made for the child’s entry! The latest official statement was made by a military source in the General Jordanian Armed Forces—Arab Army Directorate, completely denying what has been circulated through social media; that Border Guard forces prohibited the child’s entry from the Rukban camp to Jordan for medical treatment purposes.

More so, the military source added that the Border Guards were not addressed to process or engage any situation of the sort, and that what is being rumoured is baseless. He also made a public request to parties involved to verify whether the pictures of the child were even taken at the Rukban camp in the first place, because —according to him— nothing indicates a situation of the like exists there. And according to “Al Ghad”, international organisations neither confirmed nor denies the validity of the video.

Notably, the Arab Army, particularly the Border Guard patrols on station, have granted entry to 20 humanitarian situations over the past 2 weeks. So why on earth would an innocent child be prohibited entry?! How will this child’s entry affect or worsen anything for Jordan, in order for his entry to be revoked?!

The risen debate on social media incurs much injustice to Jordan, which has been more than generous towards our Syrian brethren; we have done our part to the fullest, but both sides of the ongoing debate are in the wrong, somewhat.

Many of those who shared the Hashtags demanding the child is let through have attributes unacceptable descriptions to Jordan, seemingly overlooking all that was done without the least sense of appreciation.

Contrarily, on the other side of the debate, those sharing Hashtags on Jordan’s unfailing effort, saying Jordan has done more than enough, have also been slanderous of our Syrian brethren; which is also unacceptable, inhumane, immoral, and so un-Arab of us.

Once again, letting the child through; should the very story be true to begin with, is our duty, just as much as appreciating Jordan’s role and contribution is moral. And more importantly, instead of exchanging accusations, twitters should arrange to launch social media campaigns to demand of Arab and foreign countries, which failed to host a single refugee, to do their part towards the stranded ones in Rukban and elsewhere.

International organisations, like the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UNICEF, should have played a much more effective role in alleviating the sufferings of dislocated Syrians in Rukban who endure, indeed, inhumane conditions; these parties could direct Syrian disputers to come together and share the responsibility towards their own; Syrian victims of the war. Their sufferings will continue, especially in light of confirmations on Jordan’s part on the border lockdown, and that the borderline will remain a closed military zone, completely off limits without prior coordination, which necessitates resolutions should be explored in partnerships with Jordan.

Nonetheless, the most dangerous part of all this whirlpool, on the Rukban Child case, for Jordan, is in that the official story was not publicised until we, Al Ghad, went after it and extracted the story from the parties respectively responsible, even though the story spread regionally and globally over the past 72 hours, which has left Jordan undefended against the unjust defamations and baseless allegations of shortcomings on Jordan’s behalf towards Syrians, until the Army’s statements came out.

Indeed, Jordan has given all to the fullest. And while responding to humanitarian situations is an untradeable must, this should amount to be used by some to pressure Jordan into opening up for further terrorist assaults against our military; we will not forget the pain and loss of our Martyrs in Rukban.