Give The People A Break!

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sun 14 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Sun 14 August / Aug 2016. 08:32 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

Stop putting those people through more hardship, they can no longer bear it! These societies are frail, and they’re already immersed in a lengthy struggle for survival; they’ve already lost their immunity.

Decades were spent as the people gasped the airs of liberty through needle-hole-sized windows in their long-endured confinement. And all at once, their cell is broken wide open for lives long besieged to explode in all directions. Talks of a beautiful time in the past is just nonsense. Reality is that the vast populace has not been tested in any way similar to the trials today; in the era of the “Social Media”.

Sometimes we come across cruel and harsh resistance to change. It is not true that the Arab Spring is the cause of our flaw; these revolutions exposed them, not caused them.

In short, we are not yet ready for this kind and scale of freedom. The winds of change that took on our cities and societies were too much for our sails. Instead of evolving, we are drowned.

We were immersed in illusion, and we believed that the world has truly become a small village, and that social media links are stronger than our own social and cultural links. So not true; technology will never drive change; cultural and civilisation barriers and differences will always remain the decisive pivot and determinant of our place, as well as every other society’s place, on the world map.

Our overwhelming presence on the Social media Network does not mean, at all, that we stand at par with the rest of the world.

Many enlightened hoped these platforms would bridge and connect individuals among society, and would podium the amplification of the values of liberty, pluralism, and acceptance of the other. But, that is not how it played out; Social Media platforms have been turned to forums of hate, intensifying and deepening social sub-identities and disparity among the people.

Contrarily, while we may not have the ability to shut our gates and doors to the storm, let us stop putting our societies through more trial. We have numerously tried our own, and in every occasion, we arrived at the same conclusion.

Fortunately, Jordan’s trials remain virtual, and have not been realised. But all around us are various monuments on the sour realistic experiences our societies have endured of destruction that has taken down societies with ties we once thought were much stronger than ours, with a long, ancient history of heterogeneity, harmony, and civil values way beyond ours.

And where all that end up? Just when the first breath of fresh liberty air was gasped; they landed into collision, these societies, without end. They forfeited what life they had, no matter how modest, and have lost much of the remnant hopes for future.

Overmedication sometimes kills. There are bodies that cannot take in excessive doses of any medicine; lest, they wither and die, instead of healing.

Those who aspire for a better future for our societies should realise, first, that we are sickened societies, infested with all kinds of plaques throughout the ages, and have gone ill beyond repair; maybe. Our case must be accurately diagnosed for a detailed thorough plan to be laid out to treat our disease; shock therapy only provokes our instincts and demons, only to bring upon the death and misery we all see around us.

Virtual simulations all indicate to the same results. So please, give us a break, before it is too late. Let us take a step back into reality before we lose it all floating in virtual space!