His Majesty Makes His Statements…

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Mon 15 August / Aug 2016. 09:29 PM - آخر تعديل في Mon 15 August / Aug 2016. 09:58 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

Yesterday, the decision shut the borderlines with Syria, and declare the North and Northe Eastern borderlines closed military zones, has been confirmed, and it is a strategic decision for the Jordanian state, taken at the top, with no room for compromise or review.

His Majesty’s interview with Addustour was packed with subtle as well as explicitly clear messages on the topic, which is highly sensitive to Jordanian National Security. And in a message to all foreign influencers, the Monarch stated; Jordan will not be pressured by anyone.

And it is not a secret that international, governmental and foreign parties have been persistently calling for Jordan to open up its borders to tens of thousands of stranded Syrian refugees across the barriers, mostly fleeing ISIS who took over their villages, towns, and cities, and exploited the humanitarian pipeline Jordan constructed to help Syrian victims to exact a terrorist operation that claimed the lives of Jordanian soldiers.

 The Rukban operation comprised a pivoting point in the Jordanian perspective on border policies with Syria, causing Jordan to completely lock the borderline, in order to preserve national interests and security, being a paramount priority.

His majesty’s tone on this was decisive, entailing clear messages to the parties involved in a high-end UN conference next month, to convene over issues of Syrian refuge; the closest there is to a world summit, prefaced by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s statements, not so long ago, seemingly applying subtle pressure on host states and countries, to incur the weight of refuge and accept reality as is, and relieve the international community’s responsibility towards an intensifying open humanitarian crisis without imminent end!

Pre-emptively, His Majesty made sure the world is reminded of a previously proposed suggestion, entailing Jordan’s readiness to transit refugees through Jordan to a third country, or several countries, to host until stability is retained in Syria.

And while the King does not seek to embarrass western states with this suggest, he does however only seeks to remind them that aiding refugees is a responsibility that falls upon the international community in whole, and not only countries of Syrian adjacency, already striving under pressure, lacking the necessary support to carry the implications of refuge further.

Contrarily, another resolution that should not be ignored or dismissed by the international community lies in the fact that most of the Rukban refugees actually fled ISIS-territory, which is massively receding now that they have been driven out of Menbij and lost extensive areas in Deir al Zour and neighbouring areas in Raqqa; ISIS is soon boxed in from all directions, and the liberation of the city is now imminent and just a matter of time.

So, why don’t international organisations cooperate with respective Syrian parties, and lay out a plan to relocate refugees back to their homes after their towns have been liberated instead of pushing them out of Syria to be refuged?

In Anyway, Jordan’s position is unwavering, and perhaps the world should start thinking of other options with ISIS crumbling on all fronts!