IEC to Call-In Duplicated Names or Codes, 230 Lists Register for Upcoming Polls

تم نشره في Sat 20 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM

AMMAN — A total of 230 lists in the Kingdom's 23 constituencies had registered for the September 20th parliamentary polls by the Thursday deadline for registration; the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) confirmed, and said on Saturday, that all 230 lists have been scrutinized, and that duplicate names and codes will be called in.

On the first day of registration, 147 lists were registered; 46 on the second day, and 37 on the last day, the Independent Elections Commission, IEC said According to lists that have been received by the IEC from the Civil Status and Passport Department, the total number of voters stands at 4,139,730 including 1,967790 males and 2,171935 females.

The number of Lower House members was reduced to 130 from 150 under the 2015 elections bill, which is based on the open proportional list at the district level. Fifteen seats have been allocated for women.

"The IEC early today ended the examination of the names and codes, and tallying the identical lists and identifying those that had applied first, and will summon the lists whose names or codes had been duplicated with others", IEC spokesman Jihad Momani said.

Speaking two days after registration of the lists closed, the IEC spokesman said the commission will formally notify the lists found in breach of executive instructions regarding a list's nomination for a constituency.

The instructions reaffirm authentication of the names and codes, and to make sure there is no duplication or contradiction among them, he explained, adding that the right to a code or name will be given to the list that first submitted its application to the commission.