Agreement to Oversee Projects in Impoverished Communities Signed

تم نشره في Sun 21 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN — Minister of Planning and International cooperation Imad Fakhouri and the Executive Director of the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) Farah Daghistani on Sunday signed a cooperation agreement to follow up on the projects implemented by JOHUD.

During the agreement period, 390 productive enterprises, 53 infrastructure projects and 24 loan portfolios implemented in poverty pockets will be evaluated.

The minister said that the observation phase comes after accomplishing the poverty pockets empowerment programme- stage three, in which the ministry has cooperated with JOHUD, the Jordan River Foundation, Queen Nour Foundation, in addition to all social development centres.

The 2011-2015 programme, reached a cost of JOD25 million that were distributed regarding particular standards such as population and poverty rate, including 32 poverty pockets in 11 governorates.

Fakhouri said that the observation phase is essential as it guarantees sustainability for the implemented projects, during the phase the projects will be checked on and evaluated to determine the technical requirements to enhance the projects, adding that it will provide information on the target communities and development opportunities among them.

The national institutions cooperating with the ministry have implemented some 2,300 productive projects that have created 2,939 jobs or additional income source and 2,100 small projects through 148 loan portfolios that improved the incomes of 2,000 needy families. The poverty pockets empowerment programme is a main component of the social and economic productivity enhancing programme that is administered by the Planning Ministry, it includes supporting charitable, cooperative, and military retirees’ societies, infrastructure projects, simple interest loans for pioneer entrepreneurs, in addition to supporting various development initiatives related to enhancing productivity among local communities.

Aware of the importance of the social and economic productivity programme, the government has increased the budget of the programme from JOD16 million to JOD22 million for 2016-2018 to improve the living conditions of Jordanians in all regions with a focus on poverty pockets, women and youth.