Change, Civil Rights and Social Equality, Key Themes in Election

تم نشره في Mon 22 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM
  • A woman voting last elections in Amman - (Al Ghad)

AMMAN — Placards and signs carrying slogans calling for "change, reform and equality" went up in the streets of Amman and other cities across the Kingdom on Sunday as campaigns for upcoming parliamentary elections are underway.

The various lists running for seats in the new Lower House began their campaigns after their applications for registration were approved by the Independent Elections Commission (IEC).

The campaign signs carried such themes as "actions, not slogans", "change begins with your vote", "citizenship, justice, safety", "participate and make the future", "a country's renaissance, a citizen's dignity", "hand in hand for change" and "education reform, an utmost national priority".

Other slogans read "Palestinian issue, a national and central responsibility", "the homeland and your rights", "the best are those who can best benefit the people", "toward change for the better", "coming for renewal, be of help to us", "the homeland is for all and all are for the homeland", "Jordan in need of change", "Jordan needs all its people" and "for Jordan, we work together".

Other campaign themes focused on national security, national unity, fighting corruption, shunning extremism and empowering women and youth. Among them were: "Jordan's security, a red line", "combatting corruption and the corrupt", "youth empowerment is my aim", "we are your voice in fighting corruption", “no to exploitation of religion “,” with Islam we move forward", "success is in national unity" and "no roots or origins in citizenship".

By the third and final day set by the IEC for registration, 230 lists had signed up to run for seats in the 130-seat Lower House.