Why Miss the Chance?

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Sun 28 August / Aug 2016. 05:07 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

The Centre Islamic Party is participating in the upcoming elections with 14 lists distributed across 8 governorates, with 23 party candidates, out of 84 of the Party and its allies, according to the party’s statements during a press conference on Saturday, by General Secretary and former MP Maddallah Tarawneh.

Once again, the party declares running without using their name, with only 16 of their candidates disclosed, and the remaining 7 running in discretion. More so, we do not know who the party’s 84 candidates really are!

Interestingly enough, the party has announced the electoral agenda, again without disclosing the names of those who will adopt their agenda in the race; given their secret lists and all. But elections are fought with these agendas; they are the pull factors that aggregate electorate to carry the agenda to the House. If their lists are secret, who exactly is adopting their agenda and programme?!

Now, of course, there are the disclosed candidates, but most of them do not share the party’s political thought, and they are more of an exposed manufactured structure than they are a real bloc, with the candidacy of some of them being all in all insulting to the party itself. It is now just as it was in the previous parliament, when the party put together an inconsistent bloc that incurred negative weight on the party and its credibility!

Typically, the purpose of this mass aggregation of lists and candidates, even MPs, in the House of Representatives, is the reinforcement of the party’s presence, but quantity is not enough. But if comparison is due, between these lists and those of the Islamic Action Front, then it is only fair to say that even though the Muslim Brotherhood had also included so much variety, with many inconsistencies within the Front itself, however, they successfully umbrella these lists to run under their banners, which communicated a strong image to the electorate!

I hope my friends, of whom I’m proud; needless to say, would excuse me, among the leaderships of the Centre Islamic Party, who really high a high sense of national awareness, like Madallah Tarawneh, Dr Mohammad Khatib, and Dr Hayel Dawood, among the rest the good lot. But I think they should review their whole programme, and revaluate the Party and its discourse. Getting into the parliament is important, but it is more so that it is done through real popular efforts and deep consideration of the party’s tone and campaigns, to produce an independent party identity with a clear, consistent reformist image.

Most of the party’s leaders are formerly Muslim Brotherhood members, and have extensive knowledge in popular work and customs. The same goes for the National Conference Party (Zamzam) and the new Muslim Brotherhood Society, and I see no real reason why they should not get together and plan things out collectively, to pan out a different discourse from the unproductive line today, which makes them a burden on the state, wavers their autonomy, and weakens their image as well as their ability to engage the populace, which only turns the whole thing into an unproductive bundle of structures and organisation!

With honesty I say this, because this is what matters in the eyes of officials and decisions circles. Were they to heed my advice, there is plenty of issues today that would preface much conviction among constituents, conditional of course they communicate autonomy and credibility, addressing issues like countering corruption, reforming education, safeguarding the middle class, and facilitating their economic visions and concerns of society.

Even though the Islamic Action Front remains the most powerful and influential popularly, but even they did not cross the line of mere talk and slogans, while contrarily, the neo-Islamists and the Centre could really pillar a realistic agenda, along with the production of a moderate Islamist discourse. It is such a shame they have missed this priceless chance!