King Returns Home from Poland, After Talks with Polish President

تم نشره في Mon 29 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Mon 29 August / Aug 2016. 05:56 PM
  • His Majesty the King in Meeting with Polish President - (Petra)


GDANSK — His Majesty King Abdullah II returned to Jordan Monday, having held talks on Sunday with Polish president Andrzej Duda on Jordanian-Polish ties and regional and international developments.


During the talks, held in the city of Gdansk, the two leaders expressed their keen interest to cement bilateral relations and open wider scopes for cooperation, particularly in economic and trade spheres in addition to military industrialization.


They also discussed "mechanisms to build on" signed agreements and memoranda of understanding, particularly in view of Jordan's advanced status with the European Union, and to benefit from the Jordan-EU deal that relaxed rules of origin, and to apply it to the Kingdom's qualified development and industrial areas.


During the talks, King Abdullah reiterated the importance of ramping up efforts at the various levels to combat terrorism and terrorist gangs based on a holistic strategy involving all the concerned parties in the international community.


His Majesty also stressed the need to find a comprehensive solution to the Syrian crisis, noting the huge burdens Jordan bear as the largest host of Syrian refugees.


President Duda welcomed the King's visit, which, he said, was a key opportunity to deepen relations between the two countries and take cooperation to advanced levels for the service of their common interests, particularly in the economic field.


The Polish leader said his country recognised Jordan's role and its endeavours to enhance regional and global security and stability. He expressing Poland's support of Jordan to cope with the growing burden of the Syrian refugee crisis, which is an international responsibility.


The meeting was attended by the King's military adviser and chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the director of the King's office and senior Polish officials.


King Abdullah began his visit to Gdansk at the Westerplatte Battle monument, the historic memorial and site of Poland's commemorations of World War II which are held annually on September 1.


His Majesty was greeted by a guard of honour as he arrived at the site and laid a wreath on the monument.