Survey: 72% of Jordanians Pro Nuclear Energy

تم نشره في Wed 31 August / Aug 2016. 12:00 AM
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— A survey conducted by the Strategic Studies Centre at the Jordan University shows that 72 per cent of Jordanian stand for the construction of a Nuclear power plant in Jordan, in addition to 71 per cent of the sampled “Opinion Leaders” stratus, according to a statement by the Centre made during a press conference on Wednesday.

The survey was intended to test the general knowledge and awareness of nuclear energy and cite the public’s inclinations towards the establishment of a pacifist nuclear power facility.

The majority of the sampled populations, in both surveys, see it is about time Jordan pursued the establishment of nuclear energy, and believed that the State is indeed prioritising the nuclear programme.

While 73 per cent of the opinion leaders population sampled believed the nuclear programme would contribute to environmental recovery and containment of ecological problems, no more than 54 per cent of the national sample agree, noting that nuclear energy does not produce “fumes”.

Also, an overall majority also commonly think Uranium mining in Jordan is economically speaking highly beneficial.