Syrian Refuge in Jordan Triggered "Real Crisis", Says Minister

تم نشره في Thu 1 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Interior Minister, Salamah Hammad during a conference on Syrian refugees in the Kingdom – (Petra)

AMMAN — Interior Minister, Salamah Hammad, said that Jordan still follows up on the global community pledges to implement ventures in and outside Syrian refugees camps in the Kingdom.

Opening a conference on Syrian refugees in the Kingdom, the minister said the Syrian crisis has impacted vital sectors including the service and security ones as there are around 1.3 million refugees in the country.

In his speech during the conference which was organized by the ministry's Syrian Refugee Affairs Directorate and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Hammad pointed to a "real crisis" sparked by the Syrian refugees in Jordan, and has impacted Jordanian cities, countryside and Badia regions and has put profound new pressures on already over-stretched national resources.

"Jordan has opened its border to take in Syrian refugees since the start of the crisis in their country, considering it a moral duty and a symbol of our national identity", said Hammad.

He also explained that the Jordan Response Platform to the Syria Crisis encompasses priorities to help the refugees within several areas, which were put forward during the London donor conference.

The minister expressed hope that international donors will deliver on pledges to help Jordan establish developmental and economic projects and magnet investment, particularly in the areas hosting refugees.

The conference, attended by a number of concerned officials, also tackled various topics, including role of ministries, security agencies and relevant bodies in helping and assisting the Syrian refugees.