Jordan Labourers Urged to Vote Heavily in Election

تم نشره في Sun 4 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Citizen dropping vote in ballot box - (Petra)

AMMAN — The Federation of Jordanian Trade Unions president Mazen Maytah Saturday urged Jordanian labourers and the working class to head to polling stations throughout the Kingdom to choose their representatives in the Sept 20th parliamentary elections.

Maytah said he was confident that Jordanian workers would heavily participate in the upcoming polls "to choose those who can best serve Jordan and its people through legislation and monitoring government performance".

He urged all the candidates nationwide to place "the woes of the working class at the top of their agendas and to push for legislation that safeguards the interests of the builders of the country" in terms of improving their living and working conditions and raising the minimum wages.

Maytah said candidates from professional associations and other nominees, who had placed the labour movement on top of their platform priorities, are worthy of support by the labour base.