Syrian Army Says US-Led Coalition Jets Bombed It In Support Of ISIS

تم نشره في Sat 17 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • A US Coalition Jet on a strike mission against ISIS - (Archives)

CAPITALS — Syria's army general command said warplanes from the US-led coalition bombed a Syrian army position at Jebel Tharda near Deir al-Zor airport on Saturday, paving the way for ISIS fighters to overrun it.

The air strike killed Syrian soldiers and was "conclusive evidence" that the US and its allies support the jihadist group, the Syrian army said in a statement, noting that the strike was "dangerous and blatant aggression".

The US-led coalition has been conducting air strikes against ISIS since September 2014. In December Damascus accused the coalition of striking an army camp near Deir al-Zor, but Washington said it was done by Russian jets.

A strike list issued by the US on Saturday said it had carried out a strike at Deir al-Zor against five ISIS supply routes, as well as strikes near Raqqa and elsewhere in Syria.

Syria's army controls Deir al-Zor airport and parts of the city which are otherwise entirely surrounded by territory held by ISIS.

The United States and Russia agreed a deal on Syria last week, involving a ceasefire which came into effect on Monday, aid deliveries to besieged areas and eventual joint targeting of militant jihadist groups if the truce works out.

Syria's five-year civil war between President Bashar al-Assad and rebels seeking to topple him has drawn in regional and global powers and allowed militant jihadist groups including ISIS to gain territory and inspire attacks.