At Least 90 Casualties off US-Coalition Airstrike on Syrian Army Campsite

تم نشره في Sun 18 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
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CAPITALS —Al Ghad— The Syrian Monitor for Human Rights Announced Sunday that the total number of casualties among the ranks of the Syrian Arab Army has risen to 90 soldiers dead, at least, as a result of the recent reportedly miscalculated air bombardment strikes by US-coalition jets, said to have mistakenly targeted a Syrian Army campsite in Deir el Zour, Saturday evening.

Accordingly, the Russian defence department had stated on Saturday that several US F-16 jets conducted numerous sorties targeting Syrian military sites, dropping no less than 60 soldiers, at the time of the statement, according to the Department.

On point, the Russians strongly underscored that the raids range from criminal negligence to outspoken, direct collaboration with ISIS.