Healthy Living: A Brilliant Way to Organize Your Calendar for Less Stress

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  • A Brilliant Way to Organize Your Calendar for Less Stress - (Huffpost)

This unique system of colour-coding your schedule according to the chakras will help you maintain better life balance at a glance.

Recently, I swiped left—not on Tinder, but on my iCal—and all I saw was red. Immediately, I started rearranging my schedule for the coming week. Then, I looked the following week to make sure I had not set myself up for stress.

In my calendar, red means work, of which I have a tendency to do too much. A few years ago, I turned into one big yoga geek and colour-coded my iCal to create more balance in my life, based on the system of the chakras, the subtle energies of the body. It worked so well that I started recommending the system to my yoga and Ayurveda clients. My type A, overachieving clients need to see less red and more green; clients who procrastinate should insert more red or dark blue on their calendars.

It’s less work than it might seem and down the line makes your life easier. Blend the colours of the chakra system with your smartphone to lead a more centred life, not one that’s busier, more stressful, nor monkey-minded.

How the Colours Stack Up

When colours of the light spectrum, ROYGBIV (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet), combine in equal parts, they create a pure white light from the energy-giving sun. These colours are based on the Munsell colour system, based on equal steps for human visual perception.

In yoga, when these same colours, which correspond to chakras, are brought into a sweet balance and mix, it’s said we feel more pure, ergo the concept of “balancing the chakras” to feel peaceful, calm, clear, and alert through asana, pranayama, and more.

How to Interpret the Chakra Colours for Your iCal

Label the events in your schedule with appropriate colours that map back to your chakras, and you can see immediately which energies are dominating your schedule and whether you’ve set yourself up to feel balanced, or stressed. The colours indicate certain energies of their corresponding chakras, which means you can plan your life activities to support overall balance.

Red, the Muladhara (Root) Chakra

·         Energy: Needs, survival, feeling safe

·         Label: Work, because you need it to pay for food and shelter

Orange, the Svadisthana (Sacral) Chakra

·         Energy: Creativity, your pleasure centre

·         Label: Activities that fuel your creativity and inspire you to explore your passions

Yellow, the Manipura (Solar Plexus) Chakra

·         Energy: Power, transformation, working toward something

·         Label: Concrete actions that will help shape your future

Green, the Anahata (Heart) Chakra

·         Energy: Unconditional love, compassion

·         Label: Personal activities you love or time with people you love

Blue, the Visshudha (Throat) Chakra

·         Energy: Expression, communication

·         Label: Activities that allow you to express what’s in your mind and heart

Indigo, the Ajna (Third Eye) Chakra

·         Energy: Focus, intuition, clarity

·         Label: Tasks that need focus and clear minded action

Violet, sometimes identified as white, is for the Sahasrara (Crown) Chakra and can be an extra colour you can use for your own purposes... since it stands for your highest consciousness. You’ll know what to do with it.

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