Who Will Have The Last Word Today?

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Sun 18 September / Sep 2016. 11:00 PM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

Today, Jordanians rally to the ballot box to place their votes in the safeguarding of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC) and the State; so will the State respect and protect the choices of Jordanians?

Everything points out to their not being a plan be, and that there will be no interference in the outcomes of the elections; which is what we hope for. Anything else would be catastrophically disappointing and would ruin whatever integrity the State has, and image, as well as the little trust citizens have in the electoral process and political dynamic. Should things go awry, the foremost loser here will not be an oppositional party, an individual, or a list, but all of us Jordanians, and primarily the state itself; especially the Government with barely a thin rope left between it and the public, as most officials have come to admit.

 Let us first admit that the upcoming elections are not merely a chance for the Islamist opposition to restore momentum under the dome, nor for citizens who endeavour to make a change, no matter how partial, in the combination of the House of Representatives and facilitate the enhancement of political reformation, but most of all for the State itself to restore the House of Representative from the damage incurred to it over the years.

There is nothing about the outcomes of the elections that is worrying; scenarios are calculated, and the ceiling of expectation is humble, even among opposition, chief among them is the mother Muslim Brotherhood — The National Coalition for reformation. Therefore, any interference in the outcomes of the elections per list, or force, or otherwise, would be self-destructively irrational, and would hurt the State itself before anyone else, as it would only serve to fuel the already negative and doubtful popular mood towards the State’s credibility and the feasibility of the elections in the very first place. This is no little issue, but will intensify in magnitude in the near future!

The State’s real and biggest challenge today is not a particular force or candidate, but to establish and secure the integrity of the election, protect the ballot box, and restore public trust. The State’s real rival is all who want these elections to fail.

Should the democratic electoral scene pan out right, Jordan will once again stand proud and great in the eyes of its own and the whole world, as Jordanians resort to the ballot box to address their disparities while the whole region conflicts with guns and weapons, bombardment, and slaughter. There is such a difference. And the success of the elections will have such a remnance in the difference between the two scenes.

Over the next few hours of Jordan’s history, the strength of the State, its modernity, effectiveness, and image; both domestically and globally, are on the line. Either we pass the trial and show the world we are on the right path, steadfast and determined forward, with gaining public confidence in the State, or we lose this major battle for superficial and trivial reasons!

Me, personally; I am hopeful and positive that the realistic, reasonability of the State, with precise calculation and wise governance, will triumph, and that what happened in 2007 will not reoccur!