IEC: Sorting, Ballot Verification still underway, 10 Ballot Boxes Stolen Confirmed

Central Badia District Revote Count Unclear Yet

تم نشره في Wed 21 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Independent Elections Commission (IEC) Speaker Jihad Momani - (Archives)

AMMAN — The Independent Election Commission (IEC) said that sorting committees are still counting and verifying votes in various constituencies in the presence of candidate representatives and international observers, and stressed that results circulated over the media and social platforms are inaccurate and not official.

In a conference, IEC spokesperson Jihad Momani said that polling results will be declared when completed at the IEC media centre, adding that the commission is not responsible for the published initial results by candidates, journalists or any others.

He added that some constituencies have started sending their initial results and the special counting committee at the IEC is currently counting and verifying figures in a transparent manner in order to officially announce the accurate results as of Wednesday afternoon.

With regard to the 10 stolen ballot boxes in the Central Badia District Tuesday evening, Momani said "that the number of districts where a re-vote will take place is not known yet. A special committee is currently examining the situation, while the IEC Board of Commissioners will set the exact date for the re-vote, he added.

Momani reaffirmed that the IEC has taken decisive measures against all who have committed violations during the electoral process, noting that 29 election officials were dismissed or replaced and will be excluded from any future elections.