Here and Now; A New Era Ahead of Us

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 21 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM - آخر تعديل في Wed 21 September / Sep 2016. 10:26 PM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

It is safe to say that the 2016 Representative Elections have illuminated some of the negative aspects and perceptions of the electoral process cumulated over the years, as well as in regards to official interference in the ballot box, voiding the democratic process of its very essence.

The State, mainly the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), has successfully restored some of the public’s trust in the democratic process and the elections, which makes the Commission utterly indispensable given the integrity and most fitting practices held by the IEC all throughout the elections, from declaration to the Central Badia revote session expected within days.

All in all, the elections day went smoothly, and prime of all achievements is the decent transparency and integrity benchmarked by the bodies in charge, save for political money and vote purchase by candidates, where legal procedure fell short in this regard.

Evidently, Jordanians were not so eager to vote; but that is also expected. Years of disruption have dominated the electoral scene, as well as the legislative process itself. Still the lot who turned out to vote were seemingly trustful of the State’s recurrent assurances that the process will be safeguarded to the highest levels this time.

In truth, these elections carry the potential to preface a different epoch in our time; the restoration of trust that the citizenry may once again trust in their legislative institution, with a future beyond.

What took place Tuesday is beneficial to all; primarily the State, then the political and social forces.

All that places a massive responsibility upon the House of Representative to top this success with a varying performance from that of previous Houses, particularly in light of there being incubated now a political current that is crystallising; the civil democratic state current, next to there being an array of Islamists under the dome, in addition to a number of independent figures capable of instituting a different image of the Parliament.

That said, the new House is expected to facilitate the construction of a health debate over a variety of issues, including the identity of the Jordanian state; between religious or civil, bringing this particularly hot topic into the dome, to bring about an intellectual twist to the Parliament, without allegation, wherein reason and logic may lead into a hall with the capacity to include all.

Aftermath the elections, many will be displeased with the results; which is only natural. Our society is still at the very beginning of its democratic journey, with over a thousand candidates, along with their supporters, out of the game. That, however, does not mean Jordan has lost. On contraire, it also means that the battle to restore trust in the official institution has just begun, and that the efforts to bridge the massive gap between the public and the House of Representatives has also now launched.

After all the celebration and joy, the House must ready for the massive tasks that await them in light of the upcoming humongous challenges Jordan endures; from the overly saturated and overdue, unresolved economic crisis, and a variety of regional political hot files, the House is also required to lead us on from political disarray to a new era of political operation fitting of a parliament, and infusive if an enriching intellectual debate in the spheres of political life.

Not to sound overly optimistic, but next to the primary role of the new House; from legislation to monitoring, the new institution is required to rise with political debate to make way for the surge of new political currents. Ones that may very well lead us into the institution of real political parties that would engage the populace and aggregate them to partake in the upcoming elections, especially with the current voters turnout rate being so low for a multitude of reasons.

The New House of Representatives is required to build on what was achieved on Elections Days, to reinforce trust in the Parliament, through distinctive work and exceptional practice in monitory and legislative tasks, and more so; in the bridging and attainment of the public’s aspirations, as well as addressing their concerns.