Election Results In Amman, Madaba, Zarqa Districts Announced

تم نشره في Thu 22 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Head of the Special Committee to Audit Parliamentary Election Results, Mustafa Barari - (Archives)

AMMAN — Head of the Special Committee to Audit Parliamentary Election Results, Mustafa Barari, Thursday announced the preliminary official results of the capital's five districts, Madaba, and Zarqa's 1st district.

The results are as follows:Amman 1st district winning candidates are Murad Hawari (10582 votes), Khalil Ateyeh (9067), Abdul Rahman Awaysheh (4108), Mohammad Barayseh (5111) and Musa Hantash 5207 votes.

Winners of Amman 2nd district are Abdullah Akayleh(8768), Yehyia Saud (7204), Mousa Wahesh(7315), Omar Qarqash (3935), Aziz Salman (3877) and Abed Mahseeri won the seat with 4851 votes.

Winners of Amman 3ird district are Khalid Ramadan (5985), Qais Zayadeen for the Christian seat (6172), Saleh Armooti (8067), Ahmad Safadi(4456), Khmis Ateyeh (4652), Dima Tahboub for women's seat(7055) and Mansour Murad won the Circassian seat with 5510 votes.

Amman 4th district winners are Khair Abu Sealeek (11327), Ahamad Sulaiman Awad (9306), Ahmad Humaisat (6971) and Ramadn Hunaiti 3140 votes.

Winners of Amman 5th district are Nassar Qaissi (5457), Fadeel Nahar (4594), Ahmad Lozi (4549), Mustafa Assaf (5760), Hassan Ajarmeh (6539), Barakat Nemer (8638) and Tamer Beno for the Chechen seat with 7844 votes.

Results of Zarqa's 1st districts are Mohammad Thahrawi (7468), Tariq Khouri (10424), Mohammad Nouh Qudah(14562), Nabeel Sheshani for the Chechen seat (10535), Qusai Dumaisi (4615), Faisal Awar (4078), Marzouk Habarneh (2687) and Hayat Mousaymi for the women's quota won the seat with 11104 votes.

Winners of Madaba's seats are Abdul Qader Fushekat (5608), Nabil Ghishan for the Christian seat (5045), Adnan Rukaibat(5819), Zaid Shawabkeh (3170) and Maram Hisa for the women's quota won with 4280 votes.

Election results of 18 out of 23 districts across the country have been announced till now by the Independent Election Commission said.