We Shall Not Give Into Their Terrorism

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sun 25 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Fahed Khitan

This is the first time a crime of this magnitude can be officially traced back to Social Media; and a human being this time fell the victim.

Even before martyr and friend Nahed Hattar was assassinated, a phenom that was spread over social media, administering and inciting hate crimes, revolved mainly around character assassination, and the general contempt or occasional insult; but that was all.

For the first time in Jordan character assassination is translated into literal action, and this terrorist who committed this heinous act was merely a tool for the virtual aspiration, which beforehand condemned the martyr to death. This does not come out of nowhere; there is a group on a Facebook titled: “Together to kill Nahed Hattar”.

The painful truth is that space between the virtual word and reality is thinning.

Are we so brutal that we would take or justify the taking of someone’s life so easily? Yes! More so the aftermath virtual response to the crime was ever so terrifying!

Nahed Hattar is not new to the scenes of disagreement. He is a renowned master of controversy and dialect. He dialogued with dialect and grace that was for the most part beneficial on so many levels. And on the opposite side of him, stood many who disagree with him, even fundamentally so; but never has it led to this!

Difference has always dominated the political intellectual scene. Actually, Hattar almost lost his life once, but never thought to retaliate. He came back to his Country, immersed in it, with dedication and love; so possessed with concern over the country that it becomes unbearable at times!

How did we get here? The regional turmoil and bloodbath has blinded us into giving into the mess, the chaos, and slipping into the hole Jordan has so miraculously avoided for over 90 years; each time immerging stronger and more consolidated!

I met Nahed few days before he was killed. He was peaceful and not so worried about his life; he had told me that officials had assured him he was safe, moreover

But the truth is that, like us, it never crossed his mind that a Jordanian, regardless his stand on politics or thoughts, would hold a weapon to his brother’s face and shoot his fellow Jordanian.

Yes we were shocked by Nahed Hattar’s assassination, but more so that there killers and accessories to his crime among us who don’t care about peace in this country and don’t know the history of its loving people.

This crime has put us on a crossroad; either we give into an intrusive culture, foreign to us, that imposes upon our society division, leading us on a path to bloodshed and death, or we stand united not only condemning and denouncing it, but in vanquishing it, completely.

To begin with, we need to revive the great values on which our Kingdom was established, with much sacrifice spent to safeguard our unity and solidarity, as one people undefeated by foreign and domestic conspiracy. So does it make sense that we should surrender to a virtual enemy that seeks to destroy us?

Rotten media has festered the minds of so many, still the values in stored within us carry the capacity to overcome the culture of hate.