This Country is for All of Us!

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Mon 26 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

This isn’t an existential battle for socio-political components of the Jordanian society; it is not required of one to submit to the other, for this will bring only further malice, and none is in the right to think they possess the truth while others don’t.

No one has absolute knowledge, and the dispute going on today over social media between contradicting currents is fruitless and irrational to the point that it is scary.

It’s obvious we have arrived at a place unfavourable, down a slippery slope; neither the civil current is capable of erecting wrong here in a society that is festered with drugs, violence, and moral decay, nor is the religious current more capable of protecting our youth and society from extremism, for their dialect is further detached from reason and falls short on stirring awareness among the people on importance of religious moderation.

War is brewing, and everybody thinks they can take the other, regardless the cost or consequence; despite of the fact that this sickening is eating at the heart of a society that only now beginning to make baby steps towards transformation. Fanaticism now directs the mob devoid of any sense of responsibility or realisation of their role to drive the transcendence of society.

Today, we face up to a humongous dysfunction in society; a confession that is invaluable. Stubbornness is fruitless; clutching to the thought that one has absolute truth at hand will drive a dangerous confrontation no one wishes for, nor can afford.

Reason and wisdom is what we need today; a common ground must be found. Hot headed theorists and politicians will leads only to ruin, and outcomes will lead to places they cannot imagine. In such a struggle, there is no victor; everybody loses.

Amidst this ongoing dangerous polarisation, and the alignment to back exclusion, escalates the need for the State and institutions to play their role, to weather this wisely; no one is above the law, and there is no justice attainable outside the house of law; the courthouse, represented by the Judiciary.

Now, and at a sudden turn, residents in Jordan touch on 11 million people; coupled with this shift are all the social and political percussions that come in hand.

Managing societies of this scale require a new approach on the State’s part, which has been absent on several occasions

When vote purchasing took place, the government wasn’t there. When the ballot boxes were stolen, also, the government wasn’t there. When the shootouts took place, where lives have been claimed in celebration, the government also, wasn’t there. And now, as this hate war boils in the virtual world, it seems the government is nowhere to be found.

The State now has to revaluate its discourses and instruments when it comes to managing social issue; the longer so many unlicensed weapons remain loose at people’s disposal, the more imminent catastrophe becomes, and the resolution ladies and gentlemen is the sole supremacy of law and just enforcement upon all citizens equally.

Jordan is changing today, and the information tide has settled in, and rattled what it rattled among us. Maybe because we were unprepared, before we had equipped ourselves to interact with this fundamental transformation, and instil the pillars for integration and acceptance before this sudden opening to the world. To do so, the State need to formulate a strong dynamic of reinforcement; a decisive announcement, transforming this into a battle for the restoration of law, above all else, to stand against any or who would dare belittle it or think they are above it.

In this accord, a resolution can be established, including the prerequisites to survive the brewing storm, and make for a now all inclusive construct for a Country that is for all of us, in order to arrive at an equation that would insure harmony and the acceptance of all.