Why the Silence?

By Mohammad Aburumman

تم نشره في Mon 26 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Mohammad Aburumman

Nahed Hattar’s heinous assassination and the percussions of it caused a heightening of tension and concern among citizens; and overwhelming sense of chaos taking over unexplainably. Even though the State succeeded in addressing this kind of complained earlier, a recent State of looseness was evident.

Several incidents rotten —to a massive extend— the elections, relatively, and more so, these incidents reinforced doubt and insecurity among the vast segment of society who already doubt the State’s readiness to reinforce and maintain the law.

Chief among these incidents was the death of a young lady who was killed by a stray bullet from one of the celebratory shootouts over the election of a candidate. The strange thing is that the shootout continued for an extended period of time, without the police ever showing up, in a crowded area, full of residents and children, as if those fire out their weapons were indeed above the law and beyond accountable!

In another incident, a losing candidate burned trees in protest, with nothing on the government’s side; no official denunciation of this barbaric behaviour, and no one was held accountable as well.

As for the elections themselves, one major incident ruined the consistent beautiful image our elections casted locally and overseas; the chaos in the Central Badia, the stolen ballot boxes, and the confusion that spread through the official institution in handing it!

At first, Chairman of the Independent Elections Commission (IEC), Khaled Kalaldeh, announced an exceptionally decisive statement that 8 ballot boxes were stolen, and that there is to be a revote in the district. Afterwards, the IEC said 10 boxes were stolen, and a video circulated of a circuit candidate stating officials have intervened to sack her from the race. A little later, Kalaldeh made another appearance stating the boxes have been returned and the valid ballots in them have been confirmed, with all objection rights reserved to refer to court.

Honestly speaking, this shift was strange. The first announcement was model in courage, credibility, and transparency. The two following two appearances dazzled us as journalists, observers, and politicians. And the arguments made to not hold the revote were anything but convincing, which only tells that his earlier decision was not satisfactory to some parties at the State, particularly officials who came short in their tasks to safeguard the elections process and protect the ballot boxes, even though security precautions were placed, and the fact that authorities have been tipped off that a thing of the sort may take place.

Kalaldeh administered a successful elections, obviously, and showed obvious ability to address the vital and crucial parts and phases of the process. The strength of his character prevailed when she conveyed trust in the elections to local and foreign observers, and tis abrupt fullback from the revote in that district was in my opinion caused by anonymous pressures in the backstage of the show, placed by several official components of the state, by the same means, including the typical fear enforced of security issues arising from chaos, or perhaps legal reasons that would cast a shadow of doubt on the man’s decision to actually hold the revote.

Still, the real disparity lies in that this particular district is not demographically or politically representative. That is to say that compromising the credibility of the results in that particular district is fruitless. In fact, the state’s interests lie in conducting an honest transparent elections; so why did they loosen up with these boxes, as well as in other incidents before as and after?!

In any way, those responsible should have been held accountable in all the incidents above; all those who violated the law or took its reinforcement lightly during these happenings should be addressed legally, and this is the test and challenge before the state to conclude to enforce law and restore order!