PM Hani Mulqi Replies to The Royal Letter of Designation

تم نشره في Wed 28 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Prime Minister Dr Hani Mulqi - (Archives)

AMMAN — In reply to the Royal Letter of Designation, Mulqi said he was honoured to form the new government and shoulder the responsibility to serve the Homeland and its citizens.

He pledged that the government will implement the Letter of Designation to continue the development march in light of the current stage that is full of challenges, adding that Jordan turned these challenges into opportunities.

The Prime Minister said that the parliamentary elections were a distinctive mark in the Kingdom's political reform history, and an indication of the strength of the Jordanian state.

"Your Majesty, we pledge to implement your vision on the relationship with the Parliament, he said, adding that full cooperation with the Senate and the Lower House of Parliament, will be our work methodology. "The government will present its policy statement to the Lower House of Parliament within the constitutional date to gain confidence on the basis of the policy statement," the premier noted.

Mulqi said that his government will continue work to hold municipal and governorate councils elections next year as part of the democratic reform march, and to enable Jordanians to be more engaged in the decision making process.

The government he added, will also accomplish necessary laws and regulations to implement the Decentralization Law, and take necessary measures to support the Independent Election Commission to hold the municipal and government councils elections.

The Prime Minister voiced the government's commitment to carry out administrative reforms and fight nepotism that undermines justice and equality, adding that the government will also take measures to develop the performance of the government apparatus as well as the quality of work.

He said the government will continue to carry out field visits across the Kingdom to get acquainted with the citizens' needs and provide them with services they need.

On the economic challenges facing the Kingdom due to regional developments, mainly the Syrian crisis, Mulqi said the government will work to increase growth rates, reduce indebtedness, improve the economy and increase its competitiveness, develop the business environment, create job opportunities for Jordanians, implement recommendations of the Economic policies Council and build on the agreement on the rules of origin that was reached during the London donor conference to increase exports to Europe.

Mulqi said the government will prepare development and investment projects that were included in the Jordan Investment Fund Law, adding that these will increase economic growth rates and create job opportunities in accordance with the memorandum of understanding that was signed with Saudi Arabia.

On education, he said the government is determined to develop this sector so that it would reflect positively on education outputs, adding that the government will also carry out recommendations of the Royal Commission for Human Resources Development.

Additionally, on the health sector, Mulqi voiced the government's commitment to develop health services, complete the process of computerizing this sector and develop the medical tourism sector due to its importance for the national economy.

"Due to the importance of the energy sector for the national economy, the government will continue the implementation of the national energy strategy that is based on diversifying energy resources, implementing mega projects in this sector, and liberalizing oil derivatives market," the premier added.

On the water sector that forms a strategic challenge, Mulqi said the government will carry out a number of strategic projects to protect our water resources and find alternative ones, including the Red-Dead Sea Canal and desalination projects.

Regarding the youth sector, the Prime Minister said that his government will continue the implementation of plans and programs to support this segment and protect them from extremism that threatens the world.

On foreign policy, he said the government will continue its approach in defending our national interests as well as Arab and Islamic issues. "The government will also work to enhance joint Arab action, and support the Palestinians in their efforts to establish an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital in line with international legitimacy resolutions and the Arab Peace Initiative.

The government, Mulqi added, will also continue its role towards the holy sites in Jerusalem based on the Hashemite custodianship of the holy sites. Regarding regional and international issues, he said the government will support political solution to regional and international issues, top of which is the Syrian crisis, and support efforts that aim at achieving peace and stability in Iraq, Libya and Yemen.

"The government will also continue its support to efforts designed to fight terrorism at all levels, confront the Khawarij (outlaws), defend the values of Islam and the future of our homeland and the new generations and implement national plans and strategies to fight extremism, the premier said.

The Prime Minister said that the government will also provide all necessary support to the armed forces and security agencies that are performing their role in defending the homeland and its citizens.