Zain Karazon and Brad Pitt

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 28 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

I was never a fan of Snapchat celeb “Zain Karazon”, for whom I do not find a specific description; is she an artist? A model? What? Still, disagreeing with her barely serves justification for the exaggerated punishment and continued arrests.

On contraire, I have several points on what she says or does on her social media account, which I sometimes had to visit to watch some angry content my children would insist I see, who finally responded to my tireless persistence of unfollowing her, aside to their own reasons.

What is meant by this is to say that Zain communicated a superficial, sometimes even provocative content. And the danger lies not in its direct context, but rather its indirect effects on a generation that is paying attention to everything she says and does.

Karazon is not a unique phenom to our society, or the Arab region, to be fair. There are dozens of youths who seem to have uncovered the key to social media fame, on the contrary of suitable context and content provided! And this may be because of the decreased level of awareness; either that or the need for a light-weighed content for a generation that otherwise scares of facing their difficult reality.

With the spread of this phenom and these stars among our youth and children, it necessitates that our sociologists begin digging into the fundamentals of this problem. It also requires of the more serious media to provide an alternative content that would attract youth, but still entail a level of sophistication.

In regards to the Zain Karazon case in particular, next to the provocative style, the scolding and screaming, the young girl has been tempted by this short-lived fame, thinking that there are no limits to what she should do or say. This provoked some people to the point of filing complaints against her, leading to her arrest last Thursday.

Fact is that no one really knows why she was arrested. However, Karazon either way was just expressing herself as she is, even though she had messed up and crossed quite some lines. Alternatively, this doesn’t mean a harsh punishment should be placed against her. She at least did not kill a girl in a celebratory shootout over the election of a candidate, nor did she steal ballot boxes, or incite sectarian dispute, in spite of all the superficiality and blabbering she did in here short “clips”.

More so, because we believe in the State of Law, and the implementation of it no less, Karazon has the right to have a lawyer assigned to her defence, pending trial. But exaggerating so much over the punishment of a girl tempted by the million follows she got is unjustified. We hope she has learnt her lesson, and baseless virtual fame and celebrity does not mean a thing, that she may realise the real meaning of her fame and virtual success, and perhaps channel her energy into more beneficial cases, or at least something less damaging than spreading superficial content.

After all, we have to say that the Karazon case has bothered us a lot. And it wasn’t a passing story; jokes and posts flooded the social media placing the Karazon Case atop the list of issues relating our national security.

The public affection towards Karazon was mostly critical, which places us again at the circle of rejection, and oppression, if possible. This derails us from our right to express ourselves, and the right of the public to hold us accountable if we cross the lines, so long as we remain within the constraints of law.

In the end, Karazon’s expression did not theoretically cross lines, even if we disagree. And prosecuting the Snapchat celebrity is only attainable within the framework of law, even though some think she has. Either way, the girl should not be locked up.

On the other hand, this spreading obsession in Karazon, equally interesting to people, apparently, to the celebrity divorce between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, took over the popular interest in the martyrdom of Jordanian youth Said Amro in Jerusalem, as well as the interest in the ballot boxes theft in the Central Badia; this only indicates the difficulty of our situation.