His Majesty Receives Letter from Nahed Hattar’s Family

تم نشره في Thu 29 September / Sep 2016. 12:00 AM
  • His majesty King Abdullah II during His Visit to the Nahed Hattar funeral Home in Fuhais

AMMAN —Al Ghad— The family of the recently assassinated writer Nahed Hattar made a statement on Thursday, entailing a letter to His Majesty King Abdullah II, including demands made in relation to the assassination, after His Majesty visited the Funeral House in Fuhais, and reaffirmed the denouncement of the hideous crime that was exacted upon Hattar, along with all Jordanians who stand in consolidation with the victim’s family and in solidarity against the crime itself.

The demands main revolved around two main points; the first is the formation of independent investigation committees dedicated to the pursuit of justice against all responsible as well as agitators, and the second is the revaluation of current integration mediums in regards to including the strayed social segments of Jordanian communities in the civil social institution.

The statement elaborated on there being illegal measures enforced against Hattar during his confinement, including denying medication, in spite of there being an abundance of medical reports.

Additionally, the statement also explained that the assassin had spent 4 years fighting in Iraq alongside Jihadi Takfiri factions, and was upon his return assigned in both the ministries of Education and Islamic Affairs.