King: "We Won't Allow Anyone to Use Religion to Promote Grudge, Violence"

تم نشره في Tue 4 October / Oct 2016. 12:00 AM
  • The King Meets Balqa Feagureheads
  • The King Meets Balqa Feagureheads

AMMAN — His Majesty King Abdullah II, on Monday, vowed that "Jordan will not allow any party to take advantage of regional conditions to tamper with its internal affairs or use religion to sow grudge or violence." This is a "red line," he said.

"We will act firmly and not allow anyone to cross these red lines or harm our unity and national fabric," the King emphasized while addressing an audience from the central Balqa governorate. "Jordan's stability and protection is top priority," he said During the meeting at the Royal Court, His Majesty discussed the recent parliamentary elections and thanked those who worked for the success of the vote, be they individuals or institutions, to maintain Jordan's bright image on the regional and global stages.

The King stressed the importance of full and closer cooperation between the government and the parliament to serve the public interest. "The government, the parliament and everyone else are required to work in a team spirit to open further doors for investments, create jobs and address challenges." Speaking on the Syrian refugee crisis, King Abdullah said he hopes the world will extend additional support to the Kingdom in the next months. He said he felt significant global appreciation of Jordan's endeavours during his recent participation in the UN General Assembly meetings.

Regarding borders' security, the King said: "We will not allow anyone to pressure us when it comes to our borders and future", adding: "Jordan's security and stability is a priority when it comes to securing the borders and receiving refugees." His Majesty explained that Jordan closed the border not because it changed its humanitarian approach but because there was a security issue, with some refugees having questionable goals and purposes. When it comes to Syrian refugees, the King said, Jordan has taken more burdens than any other country. "This is enough, the world is not doing enough. It is time it shoulders its responsibility toward the refugees."