Senate Speaker Delivers Letter from King to Emir of Kuwait

تم نشره في Mon 17 October / Oct 2016. 12:00 AM
  • President AS Faisal Fayez - (Archives)

KUWAIT — Chairman of the Senate, Faisal Fayez, Monday, delivered a letter from His Majesty King Abdullah II to the Emir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Ahmad Jaber Sabah.

The letter highlighted the strong ties between the two countries and peoples, as well as keenness to continue coordination and consultation on various Arab and regional issues.

In the letter, King Abdullah appreciated the brotherly stances of the Kuwaiti Emir towards Jordan, expressing eagerness to move forward in developing bilateral ties "to enhance the march of the Arab and Islamic solidarity." "There is constant coordination and consultation with His Majesty King Abdullah II on various regional and global issues, as well as on those that would strengthen Kuwaiti-Jordanian relations and build on them in different domains", said the Emir as he welcomed the Senate President at the Bayan Palace.

While stressing his country's keenness on the security and stability of Jordan, the Emir said "Kuwait has always stood by Jordan and will continue to do so to address economic problems facing the Kingdom." Further, the Emir said he would instruct the Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) to support Jordanian pioneering projects. He also said he would ask KIA President to visit Jordan and check on ventures that could be supported.

Fayez underlined the depth of Jordanian-Kuwaiti ties, stressing that relations are based on mutual respect to serve the causes of the Arab nation.

"Jordan is keen to promote ties with the Gulf Arab nation in various fields", said Fayez, adding that "bilateral relations witnessed a great development, thanks to the directives of the leaderships of both countries." Fayez praised the security and stability in Kuwait, besides development it is witnessing in various domains.

He also said that Jordan, despite surrounding political conflicts, was able to maintain a coherent internal front and social fabric.

"However, Jordan faces economic challenges because of regional conditions and the failure by the international community to deliver on pledges to support Jordan which received more than 1.3 million Syrian refugees," Fayez added.

He also praised the Kuwaiti support to Jordan, expressing hope to increase it and work to expand investment, and renew the gulf grant.