Car Bomb Hits Baghdad Green Zone

تم نشره في Mon 17 October / Oct 2016. 12:00 AM
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BAGHDAD — A car bomb Monday ripped through Salhiya district near the Green Zone in central Baghdad, killing a number of civilians, hours after the Iraqi army started the battle to regain the city of Mosul.

Petra's reporter in Baghdad said that the attack took place in a parking lot in Salhiya district in central Baghdad, hours after the battle to retake Mosul began.

The blast took the lives of innocent people and caused heavy damages to cars and nearby houses and buildings.

Iraqi Colonel Khalid Janabi, said that no detailed information of material damage or causalities is available, adding that nearby streets are closed for fears of other blasts to occur.

Janabi said the Daesh terror group is trying to retaliate its losses in Mosul, where the Iraqi forces are waging a fierce battle to retake the city that was captured by the terrorists since 2014.