US Will Deploy Missile Defence to South Korea Soon

تم نشره في Thu 20 October / Oct 2016. 12:00 AM
  • US Missle Defence System

WASHINGTON — The United States late Wednesday announced that it would deploy a missile-defence system to South Korea as soon as possible, despite opposition from China and North Korea.

During meeting with South Korean ministers in Washington, US Secretary Of State John Kerry confirmed that the THAAD system would soon be sent to the peninsula.

"The United States will do whatever is necessary to defend ourselves and to honour the security commitment we have made to our allies," Kerry said.

"And we will deploy as soon as possible a Terminal High Altitude Area Defence battery to our Korean ally," he added.

Kerry and US Secretary of Defence Ashton Carter were welcoming South Korea's foreign minister, Yun Byung-Se, and defence minister, Han Min-Koo.

Washington and Seoul agreed to install THAAD this summer following repeated nuclear and missile tests by Kim Jong-Un's Pyongyang regime.