EY Jordan Entrepreneur of The Year Award Forum Concludes

تم نشره في Tue 1 November / Nov 2016. 01:00 AM

AMMAN — Earnest and Young Jordan (EY), on Tuesday, concluded its Entrepreneur of the Year Award forum, which was held for the first time, after a series of panel discussions that addressed throughout an entire day how to achieve success in the digital age, and the influence of radical developments in the digital world, or the so-called "digital disruption", on entrepreneurship, local sectors and government agencies.

The Forum, which was held under the theme "Success in the digital age," attended by international speakers from the public and private sectors, who shared different experiences.

The list of attendees included a number of senior executives, business leaders and government officials, including Minister of Communications and Information Technology Majd Shwaika, who exchanged in-depth views about risks and opportunities associated with the trend towards digitization.

Under the theme of the ambiguity of big data, analytics and artificial intelligence, they discussed the role of big data and predictive analytics to bring about radical changes in markets and achieve success in the digital age, saying that proper exploitation of smart data and artificial intelligence helps companies find different growth sectors, explore opportunities and new sources of income.

The forum included a series of interactive workshops that have been held with the participation of a selected group of companies to apply Ernst & Young's special application "EY Growth Navigator", to review how to assess current capabilities and possibilities for companies' future aspirations.