The Failure to Communicate & the Disintegration of Values

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Sun 6 November / Nov 2016. 12:17 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

What is worse than the crime itself, a few days ago; of a youth killed his own mother, was the circulation of her body drowned in her blood, after her son decapitated her, on social media and news websites!

Circulating such a gruesome image indicates only that our societal and ethical constructs and values have disintegrated, to the point that there is nothing society will not engage in, and that our values have collapse atop this society that is lacking the courage to admit its mistakes and illness.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, and sadly, I doubt it is the last. The platforms facilitated by social media have only contributed to the enlargement of the problem, in the absence of moral codes for conduct over the web, turning the virtual space from a means of progress and communication to a means of destruction; a mattock, tearing through everything that is beautiful about our society.

Recently, there is an evident devaluation of moral criteria, which is reflective of our social problems, and the chaos that has been induced by the social media, including the many violations carried out in this regard.

What to do? Well, some would seize this opportunity; as in every misuse or exploit of the social medial media, to incite scorn, division, discrimination, sectarianism, and other problematic and ill sentiments. Their resolution to these recurrences would be to prohibit these websites, as did many other countries! Still, this does not show us a way out of the moral, ethical predicament we’ve slipped into, so easily and quickly surfaced by virtual means of the social media platform.

Thus, the solution would have to devise a motion on several directions: first, legislative; the implementation of legal terms that hold all who think themselves beyond legal reach on the web responsible and accountable, legally, the way it happened after the assassination of columnist Nahed Hattar. But this is not only up for the police to exact, but society as a whole, because typically, cyber crime and violation should not go unpunished, just as it should not be dismissed by society; that is if the society does indeed fear for its principles and values.

Second, which is based on the fact that we are technologically emergent societies, not living in a fully democratic state, is the enforcement of the rule of law and respect, through education. Instead of attacking changes, our public and political leaderships need to strengthen and move, so as to influence the construction of awareness and culture beyond this moral hole, to restrain it, if not get it over with all together.

Today, there are 1.8 billion Facebook users worldwide; millions of them in Jordan. Controlling the moral and professional aspects if these websites will not be attainable without strict legislation that limits the imbalances that were caused by these platforms.

The crime of a son killing his own mother is condemned, and is all the same extremely hideous, with or without the victim’s pictures being circulated. And I do not know what on earth kind of fun or benefit lies behind the circulation of these images!

A blog that contains a clear Code of Conduct, coupled with legal implementation, has not become necessary, in order for the one who makes mistakes to be held accountable for his mistakes, so as to safeguard whatever left there is of our humanity. However, the continuation of this chaos on social media platforms will only lead us down the ladder of civility into cruelty, which is what the circulation of these pics indicate.

Please, stop injecting your venom into our veins, at least our virtual ones, that this illness may one day receded!