The World Awaits…

By Fahed Khitan

تم نشره في Sun 6 November / Nov 2016. 05:48 PM
  • Fahed Khitan

The US elections always engaged the world, given the imperial state’s global influence, and the effect of changes there on all levels.

Perhaps this is the first time the world; the people themselves, are overwhelmingly threatened, directly, by the election of one candidate over the other.

In other words, the candidacy of a strange nominee, like Donald Trump, is the main reason behind the exceptional momentum these particular elections harnessed, exceeding the attention some local elections gather in some countries.

In Jordan, for example, it seems to me that more people are interested in the US elections, a lot more than they are in the election of the Representative House Speaker, on Monday. The ‘Trump Vs Hilary’ question supersedes, to the public, the importance of the ‘Dughmi Vs Tarawneh’ question!

The first arrival of African American nominee Barack Obama in the White House, was the first particularity of importance, for the US Presidential Elections 8 years ago.

Likewise, the nomination of Hilary Clinton this time would have been the headline of these elections, and the most important event, should she win. However, the competition of a candidate like Trump does steal some of Clinton’s thunder, even if she wins to become the first female president of the United States of America.

The Republican candidate’s behaviour, his racist and discriminative position from minorities, in addition to his scandalous history, compiled, were the root cause of the attention these elections gathered; this nominee’s peculiarity. Otherwise, interest in the US elections is usually exclusive to the political elite. Contrarily, this time, even the popular vastness that is usually uninterested in the political dynamic are engaged.

Muslims for instance, now have a cause in these elections, due to Trump’s discriminative position from them. Those who aspire to immigrate to the US are now interested in not seeing Trump make it to the White House. Woman, worldwide, want to avenge Trump’s womanising conduct towards females and those he sexually harassed.

Generally speaking, US election campaigns in the States, this time, and thanks to Trump, are more personal than ever to the millions of people around the world, as opposed to it being a political issue that is of exclusive interest of the publically and politically involved.

All of the above is due to both candidates’ focus on the personal aspects of on another; Trump and Clinton, over all other competitive attributes. This is evident from the exchange of allegations, and the apparent tireless excavation into each other’s pasts, to expose secrets and scandals to the public.

Media is unprecedentedly biased in favour of Clinton, contributing with a more or less provocative kind of campaigning, all the while interesting to the audience; not just in the US, but all around the globe.

America, over the more recent months and weeks, appeared as a divided nation, as opposed to a pluralist and democratic state undergoing a routine elections. Trump’s propositions, albeit not purely Republican, are the reason behind the somewhat social and religious division, which is strange when it predominates a society in a state that was built by immigrants. As for us here, it isn’t as strange, due to the proximity Trump represents in his racism; something of a similarity to us.