We; The One People!

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Mon 7 November / Nov 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

The campaign launched by “Al Ghad” under the title “We; The One People” (translated from Arabic) was not emergent. It has been brewing for over a year, and has been accumulating more pressing momentum every time the country underwent a touch circumstance or passing crisis.

The contradiction underlying the concept also pushed for its implementation; on one side there is the beautiful face of solidarity and unity that is seldom rivalled elsewhere, under the multitude of trials. We were united by the championship of Mohammad Abu Ghoush, as much as we were saddened and infuriated when Moath Kasasbeh was shot out of the sky and into martyrdom. Likewise, independence, security, and peace sourced our pride.

When Petra was listed among the world’s wonders, we were united in joy. Equally, we were united by the martyrdom of Rashed Zyoud.

On the other side of every incident, sadly, exposing much social deformity and sickness that we were crazed in fear that it would spread, on many tiers; sometimes, hate would pierce into the heart of our national union, reeking of discrimination, racism, and the scents of bitter dispute, lurking in the shadows, coupled with a dash of extremism sometimes, and on other occasions, with a sectarian tendency that is new to us!

Accordingly, and out of conviction in our role at “Al Ghad”, in the formulation of public opinion, and the reinforcement of national unity, with a focus on commonalities, the campaign was launched in cooperation with the Amman Municipality, and was titled after the reality, reflective of it, as we are one people, with the same fate. And should we forego this principle, or dismiss it, the cost of it will be catastrophic, and it will affect all, no exception, with absolute certainty.

The campaign features slogans that reinforce the oneness of Jordan social components, regardless of their gender, origin, or religion, and the oneness of their fates.

Obviously, because unity and abandoning disparity, in this discourse, is Jordan’s recipe for survival in this time and age, and because reinforcing the domestic frontier and the sense of solidarity among people is a primary media role, with some media agencies disoriented, and infected by the same sickness, deepening it instead of healing it, so much poison is deliberated and circulated with the intent to drive society apart, as opposed to bringing us together.

In spite of the sickness that rises every now and then, in the most decisive parts of some events, our patriotic role at “Al Ghad”, inclusive of all our team members, enablers, and managers, dictates that we recite the basics of our society, even when we are not enduring a particular crisis. Why? Because it is indeed so, that our society is united by so many commonalities.

Building on the idea is necessary to all those who realise its importance, that the oneness of our people means the de facto citizenship, equally, of all Jordanians. It also means the rule of law and equality. And for this idea to mature and grow strong, instilling justice and equal opportunity is the primary enabling factor. Hence, the deepening of the morale behind campaign’s title requires an extended, sustainable effort.

Still, before we expect anything from anyone; official or not, we Jordanians need to also believe in our united fate, and that our united purpose is to safeguard our oneness and reinforce the societal fabric that holds us together regardless of condition and circumstance; we are a young and strong society, capable of overcoming any crisis ahead of us, with our minds in hand, and rationale, coupled with the willingness to discard ill intentions. We have not the luxury to manipulate or change the foundations of our society, because we are indeed one people.