The Wrestler for President!

By Jumana Ghunaimat

تم نشره في Wed 9 November / Nov 2016. 01:00 AM
  • Jumana Ghunaimat

Everybody is wondering what the new American President, Donald Trump, will do, and how will he approach the international ring of struggles, having no other ring expertise save for wrestling, which he loves!

All throughout his campaign, Trump came across as controversial, and his persona; strange and bold, raised many questions, to the point that some have compared him to the late Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi, unlike his well experienced rival, Hillary Clinton, who overall has over 30 years of experience.

Trump was consistently hostile to Muslims, Women, Africans —and African Americans, veterans, and even the crippled had their share of his mockery! Moreover, his position from the conservative powers in our region is all too well known, and no matter what we say about the US State Institution and the American political system, the truth is that whoever presides the Oval Office in the White House does indeed have the decisive say, albeit limited, in US decisions and policies.

Unusually, the new President’s first speech was unexcitingly devoid of his typical lunacies, if we may say so, to which we have come accustomed; it also did not include any mention of his controversial views and stances, but this does not at all mean that Trumps presidency will not entail an abundance of both!

On the long term, speculating what is to come in light of the limited political history of the man, contrary to that of his rival; Hillary, whose approach is relatively predictable and analysable, should she had won instead, based on her previous positions and explicit political stances, is going to be difficult.

The Democratic Party has lost, and with their loss, down came the aspiration of having a woman as the US Commander-in-Chief, for the first time, in the White House, and for several reasons that have to do with the lady herself, her positions, and some of her mistakes. On the other hand, the loss of democrats is just as well reflective of the mass psyche of the American people; how the cowboy persona of this adventurous, unknown character has taken control of the American voter, to elect a wrester to head the country that rules the world.

Additionally, there is the issue of the growing sense of identity, under threat, among the American people, which was instrumentalised by Trump in his many speeches, coupled with the growing global inclination to construct and empower sub identities, as the whole world is susceptible to this pandemic now, including Europe, whose Britain decided to divorce the European Union, whose attitudes in turn with refugees are seemingly just as hostile, with the waves of terrorism only reinforcing their fears and there growing sense of threat.  

In regards to the Palestinian cause and the resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict, every administration that arrives in the White House seems to be more sympathetic towards Israel than the one before, and therefore, the suffering of the Palestinian people and the fate of the peace process, in whole, will remain under the mercy of Tel Aviv, indefinitely, until such a time when “Israel” sees it so fit!

As for the unresolved conflicts in Syria and Iraq, as well as the war on terror and relations with countries of the region like Saudi and Iran, it is most probable that there will be a revaluation in these positions sooner than later. Nonetheless, it will not show a fundamental shift; change in these regards and spheres is going to be limited, because the US foreign policy has always been the most consistent discourse of all US official dynamics, among Republicans and Democrats alike. That said, there are deeply rooted institutions in power there, and decision centres that outline these polices.

All in all, Trump’s election shocked the world; it is certainly a historic event, and we do not known whether or not it will change the face of the United States of America and the perhaps the world.