Expectations of an Easy “Confidence” Vote for Mulqi’s Gov’t

تم نشره في Sat 12 November / Nov 2016. 01:00 AM
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— Politicians expect Dr Hani Mulqi’s government to secure an easy Motion to Confidence by Parliament, after his “powerful” speech, according government officials, who confirm that Mulqi’s call to strengthen relations and open communication between the Executive and Legislative Authorities, will result in a relative consensus, according to Minister of Media Affairs, Mohammad Momani, to “Al Ghad”.

Others, including Islamist leader, Zaki Bani Irsheif, expressed concerns of the 16th Parliament Confidence crisis in 2010 recurring this time, in 2016, when Samir Rifai’s government won a 111 out of 120 votes in favour.

MPs and officials hope for a clean democratic vote, and that Mulqi’s government may engage the 70 new MPs, with new ideas and innovative propositions, as well as plans, for the next phase, notably precise and delicate, according to former Minister Salameh Nuaimat, who also reaffirmed to “Al Ghad” that confince is sourced from the people, via the elected House of Representatives.