JOD330m: Owed to Hospitals and Hotels by Libyan, Yemeni Beneficiaries

تم نشره في Mon 14 November / Nov 2016. 01:00 AM
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AMMAN —Al Ghad— Premier Hani Mulqi recently addressed the Private Hospitals Association (PHA) to enclose the bill of unmet claims by Yemeni and Libyan beneficiaries owed to hospitals and hotels in Jordan, Fawzi Hammouri confirmed, president of the association, who also said that the total bill amounts to nearly JOD330 million.

Hammouri, in a statement to “Al Ghad”, on Monday, also confirmed the Government has reassured the Association that all respective and concerned foreign and domestic parties will be contacted in order.

The total claim is comprised of JOD300 million owed by Libyans and JOD30 million, roughly, by Yemenis, Hammouri explained, and further that 85 per cent of these claims are owed to hospitals, with the rest payable to hotels and apartment hotels in Jordan.

Additionally, in regards to the medical hospitality sector, Hammouri highlighted that the entry of nearly 50 thousand Libyans annually has dropped now to approximately 4,000 tourists, tops, this year.